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Cocoon Grid-it®

A gadget's best friend.

Gumbite & Cenatron

Solving everyday problems with elegant solutions.


Born to organise.


Instore communications.

Multi Media

Media items & storage boxes.


Clear blister solutions.

Clic-Clac box

A unique patented closure system.


More than just tubes made of plastic.

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Since 1987 EWS has built a reputation of being Europes leading One-Stop-Supplier of media packaging and media products serving customers in B2G, B2B and B2C. For all kinds of media, media related items and all kinds of applications. Over the years the range has been extended to several divisions.

We are proud of our knowledge of and experience in multi channel management. As a member of MPI, the international alliance of distributors and producers of media packaging, EWS benefits from the share of knowledge and combined purchase power of the group. Working closely together with certified distribution partners in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden this means more than hundred people are working every day to serve each customer in the best way possible.

To stay successful in a changing market, EWS keeps adapting to the needs of the customer. This requires a flexible (still growing) organization. New products are being added to the assortment on a regular basis. We offer a variety of items for industrial packaging, automotive, electronics, fmcg, retail, in-store communications, multimedia storage, education and healthcare.

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